The people that make it happen...

Our team for the Aston University Enabling Technologies Project

Project Team

Project Director

Prof Sergei Turitsyn
Director of the Institute of Photonics Technologies

Project Manager

Dr Valentina Barker
Tel: +44(0)7501154789

Project Co-ordinator

Janet Hall
Tel: +44(0)1212043936

Project Administrator for Business Engagement

Gosia Dzierdzikowska
Tel. +44(0)1212043872

Materials Research Staff

Prof Paul Topham

Professor of Polymer Science Director of the Aston Institute of Materials Research (AIMR)
Prof. Topham’s research focuses on the synthesis, development and application of well-defined polymer systems, including “smart” polymers, biocompatible and biodegradable materials and tethered polymer brushes.

Dr Laura Leslie

Senior Lecturer Reader in Materials Physics
Dr Martin has expertise in the design of bio-active glasses for biological applications

Dr Richard Martin

Senior Lecturer Reader in Materials Physics
Dr Martin has expertise in the design of bio-active glasses for biological applications.

Dr Yuqing Zhang

Deputy Director, Research Lecturer in Engineering Systems & Management
Dr Zhang is leading functional infrastructural material research at AIMR. His research is focused on durable, renewable and intelligent transport infrastructures and materials.

Payal Baheti

Ms Baheti holds a PhD in Sustainable Polymer Chemistry and is specialized in the synthesis and characterization of biopolymers using supercritical carbon dioxide technology.
At Aston University via ETICC, she supports SMEs with materials science related research and development activities.

Photonics Research Staff

Prof Michael (Misha) Sumetsky,

Senior Lecturer
Prof Sumetsky has research interest in on areas included quantum mechanics, solids and electromagnetics, optics of microresonators and nanophotonics.

Professor Edik Rafailov

Senior Research Fellow
Prof Rafailov has research interests in photonics, nanoscience, optoelectronics and biomedical photonics.

Dr Stylianos Sygletos

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Sergey Sergeyev

Senior Research Fellow
Dr Sergeyev’s reaserch interests include: comb lasers, comb laser-based LIDAR technologies, rogue waves, polarisation phenomena in fibre optics, fibre optic amplifiers and lasers.

Dr Elena Turitsyna

Senior Lecturer
Dr Turitsyna has expertise in numerical modelling of fibre Brag gratings and in modelling fibre lasers systems.

Dr Oleksiy (Alex) Rozhin

Senior Lecturer (nanotechnology)
Dr Rozhin’s research background is in advanced materials science, engineering and applied physics.

Dr Hani Kbashi

Research Fellow
Dr Kbashi current research interests include: Fibre optic amplifier and laser; Ultrashort mode-locked fibre laser; Optical Rogue waves; Optical nonlinear dynamics.

Mohammed Choudhury

Research Assistant

Dr David Benton,

Research Fellow
Dr Benton has research interests in free space optical comms, spectroscopy, quantum, cryptography, RF-Photonics

Dr Adenowo Gbadebo

DR Gbadebo has expertise in fibre brag grating fabrication, sensors, electronics and software development for remote control.

Dr Vladimir Osipov

Dr Osipov’s research focuses on micro-optics design, 3D laser direct writing, UV nanoimprinting.

Muhidin Mohamed

Research Associate